Do you have a passion for understanding how each line of code affects all the others? Do you want worthwhile work that matters to millions of people? Are you a big-picture thinker who loves to debate architecture decisions. Do you fancy yourself a detective who loves to hunt down the clues and solve the case? Then you would fit in our triage team. Our team is committed to keeping all new code and hardware platforms unified and working well in order to help deliver stunning end user products for our customers. Your dedication to keeping all the components working smoothly together will help develop some of the leading products in the Digital entertainment world across the globe.

  • Investigation and engineering problem solving skills
  • Debugging and troubleshooting technical skills
  • Deep knowledge of Linux system and Architecture
  • Experience of complex multithreaded embedded systems
  • Interpersonal skills including team player with active listening skills and flexibility
  • Ability to work with C++ and C code to some level
  • Ability to work with Linux scripts (bash)
  • Able to understand architectures in detail
  • Strong spoken and written English skills

The ideal candidate will also have some team leadership capability and be able to act as a second in command for the current team leader as the team grows.

Nice to have but not necessary:

  • Some knowledge of open source concepts, environment, sites
  • Versioning tools especially GIT

We are looking for one person who is calm, considered and immensely logical to join our team. This is a terrific opportunity to work in the field of digital entertainment and over time to grow in either a technical capacity as an architect or a project capacity as a leader. We look forward to meeting you Sherlock!