ENTRY LEVEL ROLES for students and new graduates at one of Wroclaw's hottest companies.
Part-Time and Full-time Work is available: 6500-8500 PLN, flexible work available.

Test and QA Roles.

For students or graduates who want Mad Skillz we are proud to introduce our Wroclaw Mad Skillz Program! You'll get to:

  • Work with experts as an equal
  • Learn gnarly embedded software skillz
  • Add ‘secrets’ of TV and streaming media to increase your street value
  • Experience real projects with real customers
  • Fast track to full time engineering career path at Red

With our ‘Mad Skillz’ Program, //consult.red is finally open for young, keen, bright people like you! Be ready to learn as you join a team of experts and use all your smarts to improve the code during development. You’ll explore, you’ll test, you’ll fix. You’ll work at manual testing but not QA style – no specs, just you the developers and the software – this is about being smart and using as many creative techniques as you are able. Challenge accepted?

Great. To get Mad Skillz its best to start with some basics first - heres what you will need:

  • Mad Skillz is aimed at engineers with 0-2 years of experience at the very beginning of their career
  • Familiarity with Linux as a user
  • Knowledge of CVS or JIRA or similar software tools
  • English
  • Be determined, logical and communicate well
  • If you can program too thats a plus and can accelerate you in the program to roles such as test automation or software programmer

Our main project stacks are C++ and Embedded Linux so our program suits people who want to follow this career path best.

Learn , grow, become the best.

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